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Sales Team

BOAST is the ultimate sales toolkit. No, really, it is. Just look: Track your sales pipeline, create call plans, appointments and online conferences. Manage the history of your deals. Track expenses per prospect. Summarize sales projection. Offer lead nurturing throughout the entire buy cycle stage.
What doesn’t it do? Tell us. We’ll do it.

Account Management

The BOAST account management tools are all you need to manage your accounts and account assets.
House deal documents and collateral material. Store account materials in Docs. Track time and high-value activities. Leverage the one-click, client ready project update reports.
Help your account managers make the most out of every second talking with their clients—and close deals.

Project Management

Project managers need to be connected across an organization to be most effective. BOAST has the widest array of truly interconnected tools to enable maximum collaboration.
With everyone using the same platform, visibility across functions is seamless, success is streamlined, and work gets done on time, not during lunchtime.

Technical Team

Technology moves fast. Your technical teams should move faster. They don’t? We do.
The old days of MS Project are gone. Development is quick and agile. BOAST provides interconnectivity within your organization and allows for projects to be planned, resources allocated and efforts tracked —fast and efficiently.

Human Resources

Execute and track company training. Automated payroll. Streamline onboarding and offboarding. House training materials. Track vacation time and route documents through your organization for approval—all in the one platform.
Get people to work. Forget the paperwork.

Finance Team

Arm your finance team with the all-in-one financial services CRM tool they need. House contracts and legal documents. Manage expenses. Track time and effort. Monitor your sales pipeline and automate alerts and notifications.
Get work done by taking the guesswork out.

Yes, BOAST also has an APP for tablets, iPhone and Android, click below to find out more.
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